COPACK Covid-19 Policy


As a loyal and valued customer of COPACK, I wanted to personally reach out to update you on the evolving COVID-19 situation and the precautions we are currently taking, or will be implementing in the short term to both protect our staff, our customers, and maintain our supply chain throughout levels 3 and 4 as we form part of the supply chain to Essential Services.

As from 24th March, all COPACK staff will be following MOH’s guidelines with regards to travel and contact with people wherever possible.  Our administration and Sales staff are now working from home with only key production and warehouse staff being on site.  These staff are following the MOH guidelines and we have put in place including physical distancing and following recommended hygiene protocols.

To date we have not seen any disruption to our supply chain, and have been in communication with major suppliers to ensure that this will be continuous.  If future events beyond our control were to impede supply, we want to reassure you that we would prioritise supply to all existing customers before supplying to any other business that had been adversely affected by other suppliers.

We have seen the NZD/USD and the NZD/EUR slump which will have an impact on imported product lines when we need to replenish current stocks and we will mitigate this where we can.  We are currently at optimum stock levels across all imported product categories.  As we also manufacture locally, the cost of raw materials is currently being offset by the lower oil price and are not forecasting any increases in raw materials at this stage that will have an impact on finished product costs.  We will continue to monitor this and provide updates with any forecasted changes should they arise.

We base our stock levels on historic and current sales activity and allow for organic sales growth.  If you are aware that your current level of supply will increase for a specific product line that we supply, please contact us to discuss this so we can jointly plan for this.  We are seeing higher demand than normal for 1000 Litre IBC’s and Jerry Cans due to the amount of hand sanitiser and cleaning chemicals that are being consumed in the market presently, therefore a forecast is highly recommended.  We will be in contact with customers that use these product lines so we can stay ahead of requirements as they develop.

We are committed to putting the wellbeing of our customers, suppliers and team members first.  We thank you for your ongoing support and please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss this further.  Orders and enquiries are still being processed by our customer services team and can also be captured via this website.

Yours sincerely

Ash Glenn
Managing Director