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Get ready to raise, move and handle heavy goods more conveniently than ever with this range of lift tables from COPACK. 

COPACK can provide Scissor Lift Tables with capacities of up to 500kg, each one ergonomically designed and engineered from high-end materials and components. This makes them ideal for any warehouse, factory and hospital, as well as all industries where the lifting and transportation of heavy goods or materials is required. 

We can also supply Table Lifters and Pallet Levellers that have lift capacities of up to 2000Kg to accommodate pallets.  The products featured on this site are our core products with both Manual and Battery Powered Single and Double Scissor Lifts, Powered Single and Double Scissor Lift Tables, a 2000Kg Low Profile Lift Table, and a 2000Kg Rotatable Electric Lift Table available.

Whether you need to raise heavy items onto your working surface or to move the items around, these products offer a simple solution.  These are indispensable pieces of equipment for the industrial sector and they can benefit your workplace in many ways, including:

  • Safer lifting and shifting of heavy loads
  • Reducing the fatigue of your workers
  • Increasing efficiency of operations, leading to better productivity and higher profits
  • Lowering the chance of worker injury by eliminating the hazards associated with manual lifting of heavy items
  • Cost-effectiveness due to the low maintenance of the equipment, together with the reduction/elimination of downtime associated with injury

Of course, the usage of any heavy industrial equipment comes with inherent risks, so it’s important to choose the right equipment for your needs, train your staff on its usage. By doing this, you can help prevent workplace accidents, minimise downtime, and ensure that your equipment performs efficiently for as long as possible.

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200Kg Single Scissor Lift table

NEW 500Kg Single Scissor Lift table
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500Kg Single Scissor Lift table



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