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Our range of General Rackable Pallets encompasses Light Weight, Medium Weight, and Heavy Weight classes of pallets.

These are all designed to be utilised with either beam or drive in racking systems and have skids on all sides for greater security when elevated by forklifts and again once positioned in the desired racking space.

All pallets are accessible by a pallet truck on at least one side with the main sizes accessible on both. 

The Light Weight Pallets are commonly used as one way pallets for local or international destinations.  These are generally at a lesser unit cost per unit / trip than our other pallets.

For something a bit heavier and longer lasting, we recommend the usage of our Medium Weight Pallets.  Products in this range are generally 150mm in height and therefore also have more material to make them more rigid and durable.

Our Heavy Weight Pallets are a better option for internal use, or within closed loop systems where you are likely to benefit from a longer usable life cycle to recover the higher cost per unit.

If you are unsure which weight range is best suited for your intended application, please contact us to discuss directly.

Our current range of pallets has been impacted by supply chain disruptions and increases caused by increased cost of shipping and manufacturing costs.  We have tried to mitigate these but unfortunately to make these products available, we have had to increase our pricing on these lines, or have the made the decision not to stock them until costs revert to a point where they are viable again.
Core Stock Product Rackable Light Weight Pallet - 1100 x 1100mm
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Rackable Light Weight Pallet - 1100 x 1100mm



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