COPACK Overview

COPACK's core strength is our flexibility and willingness to perform to our own high standards of quality and service.  We are a privately owned New Zealand owned company as opposed to a foreign owned corporate.  Our customers influence how we operate, not software or an invisible board, with our decisions made expediently to have the best result for our customers as well as for the company.  This has the effect that we work with you in providing your individual needs, as opposed to dictating terms of supply or limiting supply options so that you fit "in the box". 

We have been enjoying steady growth and an increasing customer database since inception in 2008 and have expanded our product categories substantially over the past several years and have been awarded sole agencies and distribution agreements in this time.  We have a new range of products being launched in 2020 which will offer our customers the latest in European and Asian technologies.

COPACK Industrial Packaging Limited is a joint venture company with ES Plastics Limited and we provide ESP with a dedicated and knowledgeable sales and marketing option while providing a high level of service to the industry for their Blow Moulded Packing and Materials Handling Products.

In addition to these products, we have also developed our own range of Injection Moulded Packaging products and Materials Handling products including Castors, complimented by a range of Blow Moulded  and rotationally moulded products.  We are now also able to supply your full flexible packaging requirements from roll stock films through to pre-formed pouches.

Another core strength of COPACK and ESP is that we can offer our customers the option of having their own tooling to supply them with their own unique shape and design of container to differentiate their product away from their competitors.  A full in-house design and engineering team is at their disposal to provide that point of difference should that option be cost effective.

If we can't make or supply your required product from our stock range, we can source it for you internationally using our global supply chain if quantities are viable.  

With key operational centres in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington we have the North Island of New Zealand covered, with the ability to service the South Island directly, or via our Wellington Warehouse.  In addition to these key centres, we have 3PL partners in other regions / ports to devan and deliver any direct FCL import shipments to save costs on logistics.

While we manufacture in New Zealand, we also source products globally from Europe, USA, China, India, South Korea, Malaysia, and from our neighbours in Australia.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements and learn more what we have to offer.

Global Supply Chain