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Hygiene Pallets are designed to be used in food manufacturing, meat and fish processing, or pharmaceutical manufacturing areas of your plant where a pallet is needed beyond the "red line" to be used in a critical hygiene area.

As these pallets need to be kept in a sanitised and hygienic state, all surfaces on our Full Hygiene Pallets are smooth and easy to clean.  Hygiene Pallets are generally used in both floor and in racking, therefore the design allows two open end of the pallet for easy access to pallet trucks, and encapsulated skids on the other two sides for forklift access for when the pallets need to be elevated into racking.

Our Full Hygiene Pallets are made available in three options with our core stocked product being a pallet that is equipped with an internally sealed reinforced steel frame and a intermittent raised edge around the perimeter of the load surface.  This raised edge enables crates or cartons to be used on the pallet with a reduced chance of these sliding off if the user needs to come to a halt quickly.

For users that may wish ease of transfer from one pallet to another, the raised edges can be an obstacle.  We offer a Full Hygiene Pallet with the edge removed, but still retaining the inner reinforcing to provide the same load ratings as our core product.

To round off our range, we can also offer a Full Hygiene Pallet with the raised edge but without the inner reinforcement.  This reduces the load ratings and the cost per unit and this format is sometimes specified by customers that wish to use them in heavy concentrations of salt water and wish to avoid any chance of corrosion of the inner steel framework.

The Pallenz Rackable Pallet is more of a Semi-Hygiene Pallet as there are some areas that have cavities and seams that can be slightly harder to sanitise at a high level.
Out of Stock 5 Skid Semi-Hygiene HD Pallet - 1200 x 1000mm
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5 Skid Semi-Hygiene HD Pallet - 1200 x 1000mm

Newly Stocked Product 5 Skid Full Hygiene Pallet - 1200 x 1000mm
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5 Skid Full Hygiene Pallet - 1200 x 1000mm



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