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1340 Lt Roto Bins on Trailer

When a larger and heavier duty pallet bin is required to meet your needs, our range of COPACK Roto Bins should provide a solution with the largest bin being 1340 litres in capacity.

These bins are rotationally moulded and this manufacturing process allow for greater flexibility when it comes to wall thickness, colours and tipping options.  We offer single skin and twin skin pallet bins, with or without galvanised steel tipping attachments.

As these bins are rotationally moulded using medium density polyethylene, they are more impact resistant to injection moulded bins manufactured from High Density Polyethylene, therefore tend to be used more when handling byproducts from the primary industry such as offal destined for pet food, hides and skins, and products bound for rendering or protein recovery.

We can add graphics to these bins to identify ownership, contents, sequential numbering, and other information required to comply with MPI requirements such as "INEDIBLE - NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" and red stripes.

If unsure of your exact needs, please contact a company representative or customer services to discuss in more detail.

Manufactured in NZ 800 Litre Nestable Roto Pallet Bin
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800 Litre Nestable Roto Pallet Bin



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