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COPACK has developed in conjunction with New Zealand's fishing industry the next generation of Commercial Fish Case that will inter-stack and inter-nest with the existing #16 Drummond Crate, that is now "old school".

These are modelled on European design lines to provide the industry a crate that will deliver their catch in pristine condition.  The crate has a structural top edge that also acts to keep the crates from jamming when nested, and features drainage channels to direct blood slurry to the outside of each crate.  This feature means that the fish in the crate at the bottom of the stack is as fresh as those in the top crate, as the blood slurry will NOT flow down from crate to crate.

The handle area has been strengthened and designed to centrally locate the lifting hooks and chains commonly used to lift 7 x packed crates out of the hold and onto the wharf.  We have also added 'bumpers" to the corners at the base to let them be dragged over uneven surfaces with minimal effort or chance of being caught up on surfaces with raised obstructions, i.e. checker plate or rough epoxy surfaces.

By utilising the optional lid, these crates can also be used as an Iki Bin to pack Snapper head to tail to keep them straight and on ice.  When used as "Tubs", the lid also serves to keep bird life off the top crate in a stack, as well as other airborne debris.

We are advised by fleet managers that due to the new deep nesting design they can now load an extra 5% more empty crates in vessels due to the reduced nested stack height meaning that they can stay out longer when the fishing is good giving a higher yield per trip.  The lids are also designed to nest into each other when not is use, saving even more valuable space in the hold and on deck, with less chance of being blown or swept overboard. 

Made in New Zealand with materials formulated to meet the harsh environments in the industry, these crates are built to last and offer efficiencies in use over the incumbent crate.  We mould these to order with drainage holes in the base, however we do stock these crates with solid bases (without holes) in Blue, Red, and Yellow colours.

  1. Strengthened ergonomic carrying handles designed for easier and safer lifting
  2. Smooth internal surfaces and rounded corners for easy cleaning and excellent product protection
  3. Structural top edge complete with external drainage channels for a higher quality product.
  4. Impossible to jam when nesting due to design of top edge
  5. Reinforced ribbed base with "bumpers" on each base corner
  6. Clip on nestable lid can be used to turn "tubs" into "Iki Bins" and for increased product security
  7. Available with, or with out holes in base
  8. Temperature resistant from -50°C to +80°C
  9. Company logo / details can be applied onto the crate by hot foil stamping
  10. COPACK Corporate Colour Policy (CCCP) applies to continuing existing colours and in awarding new colours to commercial companies and fishing co-op's.
  11. Standard colours: Blue, Red, and Yellow (If other colours needed, MOQ ≥ 250 units subject to production, otherwise ≥ 500 units )
NZ Made Core Stock 45 Litre Fish Case NO Holes (795 x 425mm)
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45 Litre Fish Case NO Holes (795 x 425mm)

NZ Made Core Stock 45 Litre Fish Case Lid
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45 Litre Fish Case Lid



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